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We are glad to announce that we will be organizing the eighth edition of the ADAM Summer School in the summer of 2023! The Summer School will take place in Amsterdam from the 1st of July until the 7th of July. The registrations are opening on the 16th of December.

ADAM Summer School?

The ADAM Summer School is a medical summer school, organized for medical students from all around the world. During the week we will combine an interesting educational experience with a fun social program!

The medical programme of the ADAM Summer School focuses on anesthesiology and acute medicine. You will attain practical skills through simulation, for which the practical sessions take place at the Simulation Center of the VU University medical center in Amsterdam. Not only will you be simulating, there will also be opportunities to develop other skills, such as performing intubations and coniotomies. Furthermore, you will visit inspiring lectures and workshops. After this course, you will be able to handle stressful situations in the operating theater and in the shock room. ADAM Summer School is all about practicing and learning: education through medical simulation!

Ever wanted to have lunch in the Vondelpark? Or do a city tour through Amsterdam? During the social programme, you will explore the beautiful capital Amsterdam! There is much to discover with the rich history, culture and nightlife that Amsterdam has to offer! Also, you will have plenty of opportunities to connect with your peers from all over the world. This all will make your ADAM experience unforgettable and worthwhile!

How to apply?

16th of December, the link to register will be posted on our Facebook page. You can follow our page to make sure you see all our updates. If you do not use Facebook you can use the following link to register for the ADAM Summer School. 

Please keep in mind updates about the Summer School are mostly posted on our Facebook page, so we do advise you to create an account to stay informed.

Deadline for registration: 1st of February 2023.

Please note: We are accepting second, third, fourth and fifth year medical students. We are taking into account a maximum of 100 applications, once we have received 100 applications, the application form will be closed early.

Course fee

International students: 750 euros

Dutch students: 450 euros


- For international students: accommodation including breakfast for international students

- For all Dutch and international students:

- Lunch and dinner for your entire stay in Amsterdam

- Medical and social programme

- A public transport card for your entire stay in Amsterdam

For Dutch students who do not live in or close to Amsterdam, it is also possible to stay in the provided accommodation. In that case you will have to pay the international fee.

After the deadline for registration, we will go through all the motivational letters and evaluate who will be able to participate in this year’s summer school. You will receive an email informing you about whether you have been selected or not. After this email, you will be given two weeks to complete the payment. Otherwise we are unable to guarantee you a place in the ADAM Summer School. You will receive a second email confirming your place when your payment is received.

Got enthusiastic after this information?

Information and updates about the ADAM Summer School can also be found on our Facebook page (ADAM Summer School). Do not hesitate and get ready to apply on December 16th! For more information, please feel free to contact us ( ). Also, we would appreciate it if you want to share this event with your local IFMSA members and everyone who might be interested!

We hope to see you next July!

Kind regards on behalf of the ADAM Summer School OC.


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